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Jonathan Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Thu Jan 13 08:40:52 MST 2011

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Jonathan Lindsey
Network Engineer
3D Research Corporation
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On 01/12/2011 09:44 PM, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> We've just wandered past my minimal knowledge of the system:  I've got
> a key with key ID F88D7BBD, associated with the name
> pfeiffer at cs.nmsu.edu.  It's got a subkey with name
> joseph at pfeifferfamily.net, with key ID FC3C063AF88D7BBD, which is what
> I used to sign that message.  First I noticed that the IDs were
> different...  looking with seahorse, you seem to have a similar
> situation with samat at samat.org having key ID 4A456FBA, and three
> subkeys all starting with 20C6F0A64A56FBA.
> Just to see what happens, I'm using my @cs identity for this one.
> Samat K Jain writes:
>> On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 05:03:13 pm Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>>>   Now that Samat's jogged my memory, I'm playing with PGP signing
>>> again.  So...  is this message correctly signed?
>> Yep, signed correctly.
>> But, it's a different key than the one I signed that day, which was 0xF88D7BBD. Did you create a new one?
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