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Thu Jan 13 19:28:45 MST 2011

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 09:44:20 pm Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> We've just wandered past my minimal knowledge of the system:  I've got
> a key with key ID F88D7BBD, associated with the name
> pfeiffer at cs.nmsu.edu.  It's got a subkey with name
> joseph at pfeifferfamily.net, with key ID FC3C063AF88D7BBD, which is what
> I used to sign that message.  First I noticed that the IDs were
> different...  looking with seahorse, you seem to have a similar
> situation with samat at samat.org having key ID 4A456FBA, and three
> subkeys all starting with 20C6F0A64A56FBA.

My bad, I misread the key ID. Your key's "fingerprint" is:

   04FA D833 8A10 420B 20B7 E037 FC3C 063A F88D 7BBD

and the ID are the last 4 octets, i.e.:


An OpenPGP key has a a primary "signing key" (the above), and any number of subkeys which can be used for encryption or signing. That other key you see is an encryption subkey (I don't recall why these keys were kept separate).

On my end, for some reason it lists your key as Trust: Unknown... though I've signed it, and it should be Trust: Fully… something on my end.

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