[MVLUG] Install Fest / Virtual Machine Meeting

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Thu Jan 13 21:19:57 MST 2011

Samat K Jain writes:
>On Thursday, January 13, 2011 04:41:15 pm Alexander Gunkel wrote:
>> I'd like to try make this.  Not being from Las Cruces nor a regular of
>> your group, can someone enlighten me with the full name of "ID" and
>> maybe provide an address?
>Now, to figure out a structured way to represent menus…

In light of
(and that's just the coolest URL I've ever seen) I have to think that
an XML schema for restaurant menues ought to be patentable and we
should all have royalties beyond the dreams (and I dream big) of
avarice for the rest of our great-grandchildren's lives....

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