[MVLUG] Install fest sign-up sheet and exit survey?

Jonathan Lindsey jonathanlindsey at vzw.blackberry.net
Tue Jan 18 16:45:42 MST 2011

I have thought about many things yall have discussed in this thread since our last install fest. I have even looked into creating a survey using our wiki, rather than rolling my own.  I think we need a sign in sheet as this would help our first in first out process grately would someone draft this? I also think a survey afterwords on paper would work best. We as helpers could use it to improve next go around. I do not know about the rest of yall but I usually spend some time talking about the lug and list while waiting on something to finish.
One of the biggest problems with installfests is the lack of continued support. This can be resolved with a followup on our next meeting. however since it is so close to febs meeting should we consider doing it in March?  

-Jonathan Lindsey
Network Engineer
3D Research Corporation

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