[MVLUG] Install fest sign-up sheet and exit survey?

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Tue Jan 18 21:57:15 MST 2011

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 03:43:38 pm Alexander Gunkel wrote:
> The sign-in sheet is probably a good idea but I think the survey may
> be a waste of effort.  Surveys generally get a very low response rate,
> how useful is it really going to be if you only get 2 or 3 responses?

I'm convinced that's because most surveys are also terrible… We won't know till we try, anyway.

I'm not sure whether paper or electronic better.

The benefits of electronic:

 * We can send the survey a few days later, by when they'd have encountered problems — which is a perfect time to advertise MVLUG and the mailing list as resources. Also, a paper survey done at the event may introduce some bias.
 * We get an extra week to think of questions
 * We'll (hopefully) be able to keep the answers longer to review, for posterity, without having to type up all the paper surveys.
 * No dead trees
 * Google Docs has a really nice survey module now… see http://grml.org/survey2011

Apparently, Joe already created a prototype survey last install fest. I've added some questions to it (I'm not sure whether they are appropriate?):


IMHO, there should be fewer free answer questions; they should be reworded into multiple choice. College students already write enough essays, and the more they have to think about this the less likely they'll provide do the survey.

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