[MVLUG] To Helpers at Install Fest

Jonathan Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Thu Jan 20 21:57:29 MST 2011

This is a repeat message, checking spam assassin update:
There are a few new things this install fest.  We will have a sign in
sheet, it is imperative that people sign in.  The sign in sheet should
have a spot for when they signed in, and there will be a spot for when
they are helped.  When you go to the sign in sheet to see who's next,
please make sure you put in the time.  This will give us some data about
how long people are waiting for help.  Samat is working hard on two
surveys.  One as an immediate exit survey, and the other as a follow up
Someone needs to make a flyer, possibly me we'll see how the day goes
tomorrow, about the next meeting on the 7th of Feb being a follow
up/open discussion of any problems they may have.  This flyer also needs
to include information about the LUG.

Please do not take this email as authoritative, I'm only trying to add
structure to our install fest.

Very Respectfully,

Jonathan Lindsey
Network Engineer
3D Research Corporation
GPG Key: 0x523C81E6
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