[MVLUG] Please test survey; E-mail to send

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Fri Jan 21 02:15:15 MST 2011

I've finished a draft of the survey on Google Docs. Please try it out!


I'll setup a prettier URL when we send it out. The data is logged to a spreadsheet at:


For some of the questions, I put in 5-point Likert scales (against my better judgement — misused Likert scales are *THE* usability nightmare for most surveys).

I think the survey may to be too long. Questions I think we should axe:

 * What kind of installation performed? — If installers are going to be interacting with the sign-up sheet (i.e. noting what time they started working with an attendee), maybe they can note this as a column on the sign-up sheet.
 * How would you rate your knowledge and level of expertise with Linux and free & open source software (FOSS)? — While this would be nice to know definitively, it may be fine to just assume that since they're at an install fest, they're all newbies.

If there are no objections, I'm going to delete these two questions tomorrow. Any other thoughts on how to make the survey easier?

Also, I've drafted the e-mail to send, with a link to the survey and MVLUG:


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