[MVLUG] Lessons Learned

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Sun Jan 23 22:19:48 MST 2011

On Sunday, January 23, 2011 01:49:08 pm Don McCoy wrote:
>   This top-posting/bottom-posting business is clearly out of control.  I 
> propose that we regularize our behavior by toggling between one style 
> and the other with each message sent.  That means if you top-posted last 
> time, you bottom-post the next and vice-versa (on a per-thread basis of 
> course -- you all are responsible for your own tracking).

This argument is a lost cause. While bottom posting is the "true and correct" way, web and mobile clients, used by millions of people, ONLY do top-posting. Limitations in UI making doing anything else different (and unfortunately, I don't think anyone cares enough to do otherwise).

Top posting is here to stay.

> P.S.: Don't get me started on this "one or two spaces after a period" 
> thing either!

It's ONE! Yet you're using TWO!


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