[MVLUG] Thanks for coming to the Linux Install Fest! Invitation for survey and mailing list

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Wed Jan 26 22:45:52 MST 2011

Samat K Jain writes:
>On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 08:46:23 PM jlaselut at nmsu.edu wrote:
>> Hello everyone I actually have a question with the linux program that was
>> installed. When I open the program a window pops up and asks me to download
>> updates. So are these updates necessary or should I just forget about them and
>> keep on using the program? Thanks get back to me as soon as you can.
>See Joe's message about your responsibility in keeping systems up to date.
>But to directly answer your question: no, they're not
>necessary. Ubuntu automatically performs security updates (provided
>you leave the system connected to the Internet long enough),
>controlled via the unattended-upgrades package.

AFAIK, on my Ubuntu laptop I need to OK installation of security

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