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Jonathan Lindsey jlindsey at omegakira.net
Wed Jan 26 18:55:05 MST 2011

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A thought occurs to me about the install fest.  Although we cache
updates for Ubuntu 32 bit installations, we do not cache them for 64
bit installations.  One particular person comes to mind is Jazimn
Ferguson.  She did an Ubuntu 64 bit dual boot, and it took for ever
for her to get going from downloading the updates.  I think it might
be neat to build a repository for the next install fest in the fall,
with 32 bit and 64 bit updates, as well as, the packages that we
install by default.  I heard that Monica Pineda did a PowerPC Ubuntu
install, and I am sure the packages for that would be different.
Anyway just some thoughts, any other opinions?
- -Jonathan

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