[MVLUG] MVLUG security group

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Mon Mar 14 21:51:44 MDT 2011

Antonio Arredondo writes:
>I would like to propose having an additional meeting each month, for 
>those interested, that focuses solely on security with regards to 
>Linux/Unix. I am willing to volunteer to lead this group, but also start 
>with some basic topics. If any of you are interested in this, please let 
>me know. Or is this seems like a bad idea, also let me know :-)
>I appreciate the input,

I question the need -- we have enough trouble thinking of topics as it
is that having two meetings a month doesn't seem necessary.

That said, given our disorganizational structure, go ahead and do it!
It's time to try defying gravity

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