[MVLUG] Fwd: Missed upgrade date, now what?

Samat K Jain samat at samat.org
Fri Feb 24 17:00:38 MST 2012

Anita, I'm going to forward your message to the MVLUG mailing list, a 
community in Las Cruces that can help with this kind of thing. I'll 
reply to you there (please hit "Reply-to-All" when replying).


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Subject: 	Missed upgrade date, now what?
Date: 	Fri, 24 Feb 2012 16:49:07 -0700
From: 	anita martinez <fifidarling at gmail.com>
To: 	blog at samat.org

Hi, My name is Anita and I am needing help with my Linux os.  After
about a year of not working, my computer is finally up and running, but
it has been so long that I forgot my
password to get into it.  It was suggested that I just reinstall Linux
since I don't think I'll miss anything that was on there.  I currently
have Unbuntu 11.4 and thought that it would be easier just to upgrade
since I am going to wipe everything out already.
Is this something you could assist me with, or can you point me to
someone who can.
I'm attending NMSU now and live on campus
Thank you for your response.

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