[MVLUG] Mesilla Valley Linux Users Group meeting

Samat K Jain samat at samat.org
Mon Sep 10 22:43:57 MDT 2012

On 09/09/2012 08:11 PM, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> The Mesilla Valley Linux Users Group will be holding our first meeting
> of the semester on Monday, September 10, at 6:30 PM in SH124.  This
> will be an organizational meeting to discuss plans for the new
> semester.  Everybody is welcome!

Notes for meeting topics from tonight:

⚫ Basics (still unsure how to define this)

⚫ Setting up and hardening Web servers and software (e.g. WordPress)
⚫ High Performance Computing issues, working w/ large clusters

⚫ Hadoop / Mango / "Big data" databases

⚫ Alternative/minimal window managers & desktop environments
⚫ SSH tips and tricks (VPN, keys, etc)

I've dumped this onto the wiki: http://mvlug.org/Presentations

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