[MVLUG] Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 videos

Samat K Jain samat at samat.org
Sun Sep 23 19:10:55 MDT 2012

The Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 (a conference about low-level-type 
stuff for Linux/algorithms) just posted their slides and videos[1].

In case you, like me, wanted to watch/listen to the videos[2] offline, I 
wrote up a quick script this Sunday afternoon (you need youtube-dl, 
wget, and other Python3 deps (requests, feedparser, chardet, etc) for 
the below to work) to download everything:

chmod +x ubicast.tv-download-feed.py
'http://linuxplumbers.ubicast.tv/categories/2/rss.xml' > urls.txt
for url in $(cat urls.txt); do
         youtube-dl --write-info-json -t "$url"

I've also (temporarily) have them up here:


Total size for all videos is 17 G.

[1]: http://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/2012/resources-slides-and-videos/
[2]: http://linuxplumbers.ubicast.tv/channels/#lpc-2012

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