[MVLUG] Nov 4 meeting recap

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Thu Nov 7 07:28:02 UTC 2013

Samat K Jain writes:
>More or less, we decided to defer the Linux help-a-thon event until
>December 2 (first Monday of December). Is December a better month for
>anyone else (Dr. Pfeiffer, Jonathon?).

December 2 ought to be good for me -- we may have some extra
assistance from Sandi.

>From my listening, there were a few discussion points that seemed to
>have interest… perhaps we should have presentations?
>• Chromebooks, i.e. a Linux machine you can go down to Walmart/Best
>Buy/whatever and buy quickly & easily)
>• WiFi mesh networking. Particularly getting up and running on the
>not-yet-running-but-soonish-maybe mesh network in Las Cruces
>• Privacy/encryption stuff. Don’t remember what exactly was mentioned
>but something about protecting communications from casual observation by
>the police, federal agencies, etc
>• Other stuff I don’t remember


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